Authenticity and Ownership

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Using cross-platform skills and quality-integrated methodologies to work with issuing and managing digital assets in order to certify: Authenticity, Quantity, Ownership, Value and Age of them.

Digital Assets Management Platform

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Digital Assets Management

Built on Stellar

A trading platform built on Stellar Blockchain. Each asset is issued using a crypto key and they are limited. The issuing key expires according to custom and well-defined rules.

Securitized Assets

Each asset can be investigated from any Stellar Network Explorer to asset authenticity, quantity, age and exchanges of ownerships, leaving the owners anonymous.

MarketPlace and Digital Collections

For each asset customers can choose whether to keep it or put it into the Marketplace at a set price. It becomes instantly available in the market.

Rarity Factor

The rarity of each asset is defined by a custom and well-defined set of rules. Customers can check the actual quantity on any Stellar explorer.

Concurrency Management

Our platform can support thousands of concurrent transactions. It implements channels to manage blockchain transactions assigning asses in seconds.


Our platform support non-fungible-token trading, making the assets similar to the Ethereum standard ERC-721 / ERC-1155.

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